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July 26, 2013


Having wood window blinds adds beauty and elegance to any home interior, but at the same time they will also need to be cleaned on a periodic basis. Cleaning wooden blinds can be challenging. Here are some great tips on cleaning wood blinds around your house or office. Wooden blinds are a practical and stylish choice for dressing windows, but to keep them looking at their best they need to be cleaned. Knowing how to clean wood blinds is extremely important if you want to keep them looking nice. And so I tell you this: don't use water. Best Answer: I fully sympathize with the painfully boring and tedious task of cleaning white blinds. This post looks at How to Clean Wooden Blinds - How To 5 focusing on the use of roller blinds and wooden blinds. There are several techniques you can use to clean your white wooden blinds. A number of cleaning methods are available to maintain them--some are quick; others require more time. The first answer crossing your mind is WRONG when the question of “how to clean wood blinds the easy way” comes up! Don’t look surprised. By: Mrs. Mathis Image by stuartpilbrow This article will give you information on the best way to clean wooden blinds. Window blinds, adjustable window coverings composed of slats, are made from a variety of materials including fabric, wood, plastic and metal. Video: What Is the Easiest Way to Clean Wooden Blinds?


Simple and effective ways to clean aluminum blinds, wood blinds, fabric pleated shades, vinyl shutters, wood shutters and roman shades. Whether your blinds are metal, wood, or plastic, vacuuming weekly with a brush attachment will go a long way towards keeping them clean. One of the best things about faux wood blinds is that they are much more durable than real wood – but that doesn’t mean they are immune to dust, dirt, and grime. Cleaning Wooden Blinds Wooden blinds are easy to clean, prima facie. Just make sure you don't clean them with water or wash them. I'll be the first to admit it -- my blinds are gross. Clean wooden blinds are a great way to bring an element of nature into your home as well as the charm that only real wood can achieve. Clean your wooden blinds to keep them looking new and extend their service life. Avoid soapy water as it can damage the wood. Cleaning your wood blinds is very similar to cleaning your fine furniture. It is important to remember that they are real wood. com - #4 How to Wooden Blinds - 10 Things You Should Know About Blinds and Shades. Wood Venetian Blinds: The best way to keep wooden venetian blinds clean is to dust them on a regular basis. Wooden blinds can be hung over a window or glass door; they add elegance to a room as long as they are clean. How To Clean Wood Blinds until they pass the white glove test.


A sponge or cleaning brush; All-purpose cleaner or ammonia; Fabric-softener sheets Wood blinds should never get wet; just dust them regularly. Hi it's me again! I'm going to change my name to foreclosureowner lol! Today's question is. What is the best way to clean wood blinds?